A vertical integrated ship-owning company since the early 90s with decades of experience in chemical and gas tankers

1993 - 2000

Starting ship-owning activities. Vessels operated on long-term time charter basis.

In the 19th century, the entrepreneurial business of the De Poli family started its shipbuilding activities with a shipyard in Pellestrina, Venice, Italy. In the 20th century, the second generation transformed the shipyard from a small repair yard into a yard building large technically advanced, high quality vessels and slowly but steadily expanded the company.

2000 -  2004

The Pool Agreement with JO Tankers for commercial management backed by the traditional Ship management in-house.

The third generation extended the business further with a specialization in stainless steel tankers for third parties and for its own account. The ship-owning activities started in 1993, at which time the business model was to be a tonnage provider, chartering-out the entire fleet to third parties. In 2000, De Poli joined the Norwegian JO Tankers pool with 5 chemical tankers. The Netherlands became in 2001 the base of operations, which it continues to be today.

2004 – 2009

Chemical Tankers: Start in-house commercial department. Transition from time charter model to voyage chartering and providing of logistical service. Gas Carriers: Pool Agreement  with Anthony Veder  for commercial management from 2004 - 2014. Ship management continues in-house.

After JO Tankers dissolved the chemical tanker pool in early 2004, De Poli took commercial management into its own hands for its 8 chemical tankers (127,000 dwt in total). For this purpose, the Group in 2004 set up De Poli Tankers B.V., its own commercial office near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

2010 until today

Our Chemical Tankers: Full focus on transatlantic seaborne logistics for high grade chemicals. Parcel trade rather than full shipload based on Contracts of Affreightment and spot charters, using own and chartered-in tonnage. Gas Carriers: Commercially and technically managed in-house.

Today, De Poli Tankers Holding as an integrated ship-owner, owning and operating a modern fleet of stainless steel chemical tankers and semi-ref gas carriers. See appendix I for the Company’s organization chart.