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De Poli is a modern Dutch ship-owning company based near to the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and is the commercial operator of a fleet of 8 sophisticated IMO 2 stainless steel chemical tankers and 2 small LPG tankers.

The management of the owned tankers is the responsibility of De Poli's in-house affiliate, Maritime Performances BV. The latter company covers all the technical issues and dockings for the De Poli vessels, as well as the vettings and inspections required under the SIRE/CDI programs. De Poli Tankers and Maritime Performances are part of the ArCoin group.

From 1993 till today

Having been a shipbuilder for many years, De Poli started its ship operating activities in 1993. Between then and 1998 the company took delivery of 4 stainless steel IMO 2 10.000 tonners, of which today two vessels are still within the De Poli fleet: Aigran D and Venezia D, which vessels each have 25 tanks.

In 2000, De Poli added the Laguna D, an 1A ice classed chemical tanker with propylene oxide capacity, with a deadweight of 15.200 mt. Additional new vessels, built at De Poli's own shipyard, of around 17.000 tonnes deadweight were added in the years that followed, all of which are part of De Poli fleet today.

In 2011 a 14.000 tdwt chemical tanker, built in 2004, with 25 stainless steel tanks and propylene capacity was bought and renamed Davino D.

March 25 , 2016 the first , out of two , fully stainless steel chemical tanker of 19800 dwt , named Giancarlo D , was delivered by the Xinle Shipyard Ningbo to the group . The sistervessel is planned to be delivered 2nd half July 2016 . Both vessels are having 20 cargo tanks with 22.680 cbm space , a nitrogen generator of 1500 cbm per hour , whilst the draft full laden is 9 meters.  

Besides the chemical tankers , the company also owns two 3000 cbm semi-ref gastankers , one of which is employed in the Caribbeans on a dedicated trade  whilst the other one is being worked in North West Europe.

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